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Our Community

Keysborough Gardens Primary School

Keysborough Gardens Primary School is committed to providing a safe, supportive and inclusive environment for all students, staff and members of our community.

Our school recognises the importance of the partnership between our school and parents and carers to support student learning, engagement and wellbeing.

We share a commitment to, and a responsibility for, creating an inclusive and safe school environment for our students. 



Get Involved

Keysborough Gardens Primary is an inclusive school community that welcomes all.


At Keysborough Gardens Primary every member of our community is accepted and invited to make a contribution to our vibrant school community.  We believe that parents have an important role to play in their child’s education and can help with learning both at home and at school. 


There are many opportunities for parents to assist, and we hope you will be keen to offer your help in one or more of the following areas:

  • assisting with classroom activities (e.g., Sport, Maths/Reading groups etc.) when requested by the teacher

  • school library (e.g., covering books)

  • supporting school events such as Athletics, Interschool Sport, Cross Country and camps

  • school excursions, when requested by the teacher

  • Perceptual Motor Program

  • School Council 

  • Fundraising and Social events 

  • and much more.

Families are also encouraged to join in with our Special Activity Days such as our Welcome Picnic, Mother’s and Father’s Day events, Book Week and other special days.

We also encourage our families to attend our Information Evenings, Get to Know You meetings at the start of every year, Student Led Conferences and expos that are held throughout the year.

All parents who wish to be involved will require a current Working with Children Check.  

The card is free for volunteers and applications can be made online at   

As part of our commitment to Child Safety, the WWCC is a requirement for volunteers and onsite contractors.

t is now also a requirement when you are assisting with all excursions, incursions, sports days or other school-based activities with the children that you have read some important induction documents prior to volunteering. This requirement is set by the Education Department due to changes in the ChildSafe Standards.


Click here to read the documents, then print and sign the form and return it to the school.

Get Involved

PaCS Parents as Classroom Support

Keysborough Gardens Primary School acknowledges the positive impact parents and community involvement has on our student learning and wellbeing.  To show our commitment to building strong collaborative partnerships with our parents and community, KGPS launched Parents as Classroom Support Program (PaCS) in 2021. 

We offer our Literacy program for parents who wish to volunteer in our classrooms to support student learning. This program equips the participants with the current literacy strategies in a fun and exciting way to help support KGPS students in literacy across F-6. Graduates of this program will acquire a thorough understanding of current literacy strategies that are used in our school.


School Council

The School Council is a representative body which is responsible for developing and implementing the policies of the school.


The School Council is comprised of Parents, Teachers, the Principal and Community Representatives. 


School Councillors and members of the school community nominate for the various sub-committees, which report back to council. 

The sub-committees are Building and Grounds, Education, Finance and Fundraising & Community Engagement. 


The term of office for School Councillors is two years, with elections held each February / March. The School Council and each subcommittee meets monthly. 


Membership of the school council is rewarding, and all parents are encouraged to consider nominating for vacancies.

School Council

Message from the School Council President

On behalf of the School Council at Keysborough Gardens Primary School, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all future and present families.


At Keysborough Gardens Primary School, we are guided and stive to live by our core values of Kindness, Empathy, Gratitude, Respect and Excellence in our everyday lives and across all aspects of our school community. 


The main focus of school council is to enhance the educational opportunities of our students and to ensure that the primary consideration for any decision made will be in the best interest of our students.


We love to see our families getting involved. We welcome you and all future families to become actively involved no matter how big or small a part you play, there are many ways you can become involved in our school community. 


For example, joining groups or assisting in areas such as:

  • School Council

  • Sub Committees

  • Social and fundraising events

  • Sports and special events assistance

  • Assisting in classes - reading perceptual motor activities, excursions and incursions

  • Computer and technological advice

  • Sports team coaching

  • Mentoring of students or

  • Working bees.


We look forward to many happy and rewarding years with your family and trust that the time spent as part of our school community will be an enjoyable experience.



Yours sincerely


Sharna Woods


School Council President

School President
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